The Vulture Tower

Portrait d'un coyote sur fond flouté de prairie

Coyote territory

Kookaburra in flight during the bird show.

Flight of birds

A caracal placed on a trunk at human height. The caretaker kisses her forehead.

Become a caretaker

Caretaker giving a snack to a cheetah that is slowly approaching.


Children, in the mini farm of the zoo Le Domaine des Fauves, with the Ouessant sheep.

Farmers' seeds

New children's games 2022.


Goldfinch in the bath It has the following colours: red towards the bill, yellow, brown and black on the wings. Its beak is light and dark on the tip.

Tunnel aux piafs (Birds Tunel)

Portrait photo by Dominique Giraud of our lion Kaoma on the right side. His mane is fawn, brown/yellow with darker brown tones.

Educational panels

Photo of a white tiger's head emerging from its basin.


New for 2024 : Enter coyote territory

With no fences or windows, come and admire these splendid predators up close…

This unique concept allows you to enter Coyotes territory in complete safety. Without a glass partition, under the supervision of our caretakers, you will be able to move around inside the animal park, and admire and photograph them in a rare way.

The Territoire des Coyotes is accessible: Every day during school holidays, weather permitting. Outside school holidays, please ask at the reception.

During each visiting session (around 20 minutes), the keepers will explain the life of these charming predators, as well as their situation in the world, and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Due to limited access, it is necessary to take your seats at the zoo entrance.

Outside the opening hours of this space, it is of course possible to see the wolves through a large glass point.

In case of absolute necessity, the management reserves the right not to open the Coyotes Territory to visitors.

Price of the animation: 2 euros in addition to the Zoo entrance ticket. Schedules are available at the zoo entrance.

The Vulture Tower

Taking the time to observe

An aviary where several species live: vultures, tricoloured buzzards, caracaras, etc. This diversity and the resulting interactions ensure future reproductive success.

For the visitor, the possibility of going inside and the opportunity to take time to contemplate, to observe little or poorly known birds and to take beautiful souvenir photos.

An island of different birds: a place of observation for our visitors and a place of study for us, park professionals, on the behaviour of these individuals whose objective is to reproduce in a protected environment and thus ensure the perpetuation of these species.

Free visit.

Our values: Taking the time to respect the animal world to maintain its existence.

Birds flight :
Predators of the Skies

A free-flying educational presentation of unique species of carnivorous birds!

The creation of a show area, which can seat more than 300 people, and thus, in the best conditions, watch the flights of birds to discover more fully the life and the particularities of the animals.

Discover, observe and learn from these carnivorous birds, which live in close proximity to you.

Opening hours 2023 summer season, from April, weekends and public holidays: 11:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

And 3.30pm on Wednesdays and when the zoo closes at 5pm.

In case of absolute necessity, the management reserves the right to cancel the bird flight.

photo de la buse aguia sur le gant de son fauconnier

Become the Caretaker!

Satisfy a dream, try an adventure, discover yourself…

The Domaine des Fauves offers you the possibility of a total immersion in the profession of animal care, by spending three hours at the side of our professionals, and by accompanying them concretely on their daily missions.

Practical information :
Wearing a mask is strongly recommended.
Hand washing at the beginning of the service and hand washing before and after each activity (water points with soap and hydro-alcoholic gels are available).

Download the general conditions of sale Become a caretaker

Conduct of the activity

  • Reception
  • Contacting us
  • Explanations about the zoo, the job of a caretaker, and the animals presented.

Animal Contact: “Approaching Large Predators
Increased proximity to the wild animal, within the framework of drastic safety rules. An unforgettable experience, with complete confidence!

  • Caretaker’s tasks: Food preparation/distribution
  • Tasks and skills: Cleaning/Safety explanations and demonstration/Enrichments
  • Observations and exchanges

Practical information

Duration of the activity: 3 hours

Wednesdays by appointment:

  • Morning 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Afternoon: 2 – 5 pm / 3 – 6 pm in July and August

Number of persons : 4 persons maximum, children accepted from 12 years old only with parental authorization.

The price of the activity includes entrance to the zoo.

Price of the activity: 120 € per person.


An opportunity to learn more about our residents, and to participate in their tea party. These animations concern the Cheetah, Jaguars, White Tigers, Tayras and Fishing Cats… etc.

As early as February vacation !

Until the summer holidays, feeding will take place on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and every day during the school holidays. The timetable and the species concerned are available at the park entrance and at the snack bar “Le Bivouac”.

In case of absolute necessity, the management reserves the right to cancel feedings.

Ball pool

New !

A ball pool heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer for 4-10 year-olds.

Located near the park entrance, children* can have fun and let off steam under their parents’ supervision.

All the laughs you need !

*adults only


There are several play areas in the park for children aged 2-6 and 5-12.

The games are located close to the picnic area – where children can have fun and let off steam under their parents’ supervision.

Happy moments to share with your family!

Farmers' seeds

Discover our Farmers’ Seeds area:
the Domaine des Fauves mini-farm!

Here, children are king, and they can meet the farm animals: dwarf sheep, goats and chickens, who can be petted and will probably want some popcorn.

The youngest are invited to develop their senses through playful workshops. Will they return each animal to its original good colour? Educational and fun activities for the whole family.

Le Tunnel aux Piafs

Watching free birds in the park

Around thirty species of wild birds are regularly observed in the Domaine des Fauves natural area. Some common species are traditionally found in the gardens of the region: the great tit, blue tit, blackbird, tree chaffinch, goldfinch and robin.

Others are attracted by the remains of food distributed to the fawns (jackdaw, crow, black kite, red kite, chattering magpie) or by those of visitors on the picnic area (house sparrow, starling, cockatoo, collared dove).

The presence of large, old trees attracts garden creepers, wood pigeons, cinereous serins, great spotted woodpeckers and long-tailed titmice. The Common firecrest nests in the conifers. The black-headed warbler and the house wren prefer bushes and hedges.

Some species are sedentary (chickadees, tree finches, sparrows, crows) and can be observed all year round. Others only fly over the zoo during the summer months: barn swallows, black swifts.

At the request of the Domaine des Fauves, the nature protection association Le Pic Vert( has carried out an inventory of the zoo’s wild fauna and is offering visitors a new attraction entitled “Le tunnel aux piafs“.

It is an observatory with special windows for observing and photographing free-ranging birds feeding in a stocked feeder, drinking and bathing, or sitting in a nesting box.

The new facility was inaugurated on Saturday 25 May 2019at 11am on the occasion of the National Nature Festival. Throughout the day, the association Le Pic vert hosted an exhibition entitled “I want my hedgehog in my garden” and a stand. At 5.30 pm Jean-François Noblet, co-president of Pic vert, presented a slide show on the restoration of biodiversity in the garden and at home. A signing of his book “Agir pour la biodiversité”(Acting for Biodiversity) published by Plume de carotte and sponsored by the Fête de la Nature was organised. Free entrance to the zoo from 16:30.

Fête de la nature 2019 logo.
Logo Le pic vert.

Provisional inventory of free birds in the zoo

This inventory will be completed regularly. Please let us know if you have any further observations.

Legend : N : nester – M: migratory – S: sedentary – P: passage – X: legally protected species.

  • Blackbird: N, S
  • Black-capped Warbler: N, M, X
  • Common firecrest : N, M, X
  • Blue Tit: N, S, X
  • Chickadee: N, S, X
  • Long-tailed Tit: P, X
  • Short-toed treecreeper : N, P, X
  • Eurasian Magpie: N,S
  • Jackdaw : P
  • Bavette des jardins ( P)
  • Black tit (M)
  • Crested Tit (M)
  • Goldcrest (M)
  • Willow warbler (M)
  • Common redstart (B)
  • Black redstart (B)
  • Green Woodpecker (M)
  • Rook : P
  • Cornelius: N, S
  • House Sparrow: N, S, X
  • European serin : M, N, X
  • Greenfinch: N, S, X
  • European Starling: P, S
  • Collared dove: N, S
  • Robin: N, S, X
  • Tree finch: B, S, X
  • Common kestrel (P)
  • Tawny Owl (N)
  • Benetian Swallow (P)
  • Song thrush (P)
  • Nightingale philand (P)
  • Grey wagtail (P)
  • European sparrowhawk (P)
  • Eurasian bullfinch (P)
  • Black Kite : M, P, X – They come to steal the leftover meat given to the beasts.
  • Red Kite: M, P, X – They come to steal the leftover meat given to the beasts.
  • Common Buzzard: P,X
  • Wood pigeon: N, M
  • Spotted Woodpecker: P, X
  • Barn Swallow: P, M, X
  • Black Swift : P, M, X
  • Common chiffchaff : P, M, X
  • Goldfinch: N, M, X
  • Eurasian jay (P)
  • European bee-eater (P)
  • Eurasian hoopoe (P)

Educational panels

The Safari Quizz a tracking game to find the zoo’s “totem animal”. On colourful signs set up in the four corners of the park, you will discover clues, so you will gradually approach the enclosure of the mystery animal.

To be done alone or in teams, this is a fun activity that allows you to discover a little known animal. Once you have found the animal, go to the shop where you will be given a photo as a reward.

It’s up to you to find the animal totem of 2024 !

Did you know? educational panels

During your visit, 6 colourful animated panels give surprising information about a particular animal: caracal, lion, arctic wolf, puma and white tiger. The last panel is a summary of all the information collected in the park.

An opportunity to learn in a very playful way!

They are suitable for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest and even the eldest 😉 .


Celebrate Your Birthday at Domaine des Fauves!

For your child*, a magical day with an original program.

The “little cats” formula.

Program :

  • Access to the zoo
  • Visit to the mini farm “graines de fermier” (farmers’ seeds)
  • Tracking game “Safari quiz” and/or Did you know game (optional)
  • Discovery of Zébuline, our popcorn-loving Zebu
  • Playground available

Practical information:

You can have your snack in the room adjoining the snack bar “Le Bivouac” in front of the hyenas, this space is heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer (to be booked).

A table is prepared and decorated for the occasion

Choice of chocolate cake or apple pie with drinks and candles. Merci de commander votre gâteau à la réservation au 04 76 55 28 88.

Price: 15 euros per person. Reservations for a minimum of 8 people, please note that reservations for more people will not be refunded. Any additions can be made directly at the zoo. It is strongly recommended to book as early as possible.

Possibility to take the wolf animation in addition – only on reservation – 2 € per person.

*Children are the responsibility of their parents.